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st nicholas orthodox church
126 morris street southbridge, ma 01550
508 764 6226


Welcome to St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

We welcome you to our Church community and would like to share our history with you.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is a parish of the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America. The Parish was founded in 1912. We are unique in being the first church built specifically for the celebration of the Divine services in the Albanian language--- first not only in America but in the world (in 1912 the Church in Albania was still being suppressed by the Turkish Authorities, who permitted only the use of the Greek language for Orthodox worship out of fear of Albanian nationalism). Now, the language of worship in our parish is English-- as this is the first language of the great majority of our people. We include some Albanian as part of our Sunday worship (the singing of the Cherubimic Hymn and the saying of the Lord's Prayer in both English and Albanian).

While the majority of our parishioners are of Albanian extraction a growing number are converts to the Orthodox faith from other backgrounds. Our aim is to be an Orthodox Church open to all people at all times-- in keeping with the Lord's own commandments. We hold dear the customs and traditions handed down to us from the founders of our parish, and take great pride in the hard work they put into building up our community in Christ. In this sense we are all proud of our Albanian ethnic roots (whether or not we are of Albanian ancestry). At the same time we hold most dear the Orthodox faith handed down to us from our Lord Himself, through his apostles, saints, bishops, and teachers throughout the ages. We are Orthodox-- unchanging in faith, yet ever a living tradition-- one for all people in every time and place. Just as Jesus Christ remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever, so does his Holy Church. We welcome all persons who are seeking a closer relationship with God to visit our community--even if you are uncertain about your level of 'commitment'. You will not be pressured in any way, but you will be welcomed among us once, twice, or a hundred times. St. Nicholas parish is a small but loving community.


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